This document outlines the Membership Policy of SN Global Economic Forum Member, referred herein under as SNGEF, means a subscriber to avail the services of SNGEF. Membership Fees mean Subscription, which is annual, at present. Entry Fees mean one time Entry fees paid by a Member at the time of admission. The Board of SNGEF reserves the right to update/or amend the contents of this document at any time. For any questions/clarifications or any additional information, one can contact at This Policy is applicable to all the Local Chapters

Objective and purpose of the policy

  • 1) To lay down the terms and conditions with regard to identifying Individuals/Business Entities who are capable to become member.
  • 2) To outline the categories of memberships, the applicable membership fees, eligibility criteria, benefits of membership, etc.
  • 3) To facilitate trade and commerce between Members across the globe.
  • 4) To motivate them to participate in the programs organized by the SNGEF at local, regional, national and international level for eradication of poverty and removal of disparity by way of developing enterprise and promoting entrepreneurship.
  • 5) To encourage participation and developing capabilities for becoming job creators by way of spreading awareness about opportunities and promotional schemes of various Governmental agencies and otherwise through seminars, conferences, contests, teasers, awareness sessions, workshops, etc.

Categories of Members

  • Associate Member : An eligible person or company by way of paying annual subscription fees and agreeing in writing to become a member. Membership rights will start from the day of approval of membership and will continue till the 31st of March of the following year/ financial year ending.

  • Honorary Member : Honorary Member or advisory Member can be any eligible person on whom such status has been bestowed upon by the Board of Directors. Honorary membership is given only by invitation, depending upon the status & stature of such invitee & his/ her eminence and usefulness to the Local Chapter, in furthering the cause of the community. However, honorary or advisory status so conferred, may be withdrawn by Board of directors at any date. In such a case it will not be incumbent on the part of SNGEF or any of its representatives to furnish reasons thereof.

Eligibility-Who Can Become an Associate Member ?

Following are eligible to become an associate member of SNGEF
  • 1) Individuals
  • 2) Proprietorships
  • 3) Partnerships
  • 4) LLP
  • 5) OPC
  • 6) Private Limited Companies
  • 7) Public Limited Companies
  • 8) Overseas Business Entity
  • 9) Registered Societies/Associations/Trusts/Cooperative Bodies
  • 10) HUF
  • 11) Any other entity which is in business/profession
  • 12) Self-employed professionals (either on full-time or part-time basis)
  • 13) Eligible persons shall be capable of entering into contract

Eligible person applying for membership need to submit :-
  • 1) Duly filled and signed membership form along with Identification Proof (with photo, for individuals) + Address Proof.
  • 2) Prescribed Subscription Fees.
  • 3) Passport size photograph (hard/soft copy).
  • Identification Proof : self attested readable copy of PAN Card / Passport / Driving License / Aadhar card/ Certificate of Incorporation/ Any other Business Registration Number / Tax Registration Number / any other proof having name, photo & date of birth / date of incorporation mentioned on it.
  • Address Proof : self attested readable copy of Passport / Driving License / Aadhar Card/ any other proof issued by any government agency.

Membership Benefit

Members are entitled for the following benefits :
  • a) Access to Markets, Expertise, Technology, Finance & Investments and Resources.
  • b) Networking – Local & Strategic Partnerships for Trade, Business and Services.
  • c) Membership to a Global Business Organization.
  • d) Complimentary membership to SN Business Network - for the first year.
  • e) Relevant Industry Focused Networks.
  • f) Access to conferences, seminars, workshops, trade missions etc.
  • g) Insights into your business from experienced businesses.
  • h) Access to Professional Services such as legal, accounting, audit, tax services and other business consultants.
  • i) Alliances, Partnership and Knowledge Sharing with other Industry, Trade Associations.
  • j) Global Trade and Economic Research.
  • k) Capability Development programs for Mentorship and Internship.
  • l) Connecting Professionals across the Globe.
  • m)Providing with guidance in the new Job Opportunities and giving assistance for the same.
  • o) Providing support in a foreign country.
  • p) Promoting Artists & Culture within the community by organising different events.

Membership Agreement

To commence or renew Membership, an applicant must sign a SNGEF Membership Application/Agreement in physical or as Hair Clip Application/Agreement, as & when provided. In case of renewal, this would be presumed that existing member(s) has/have gone through update in Application/Agreement and signing will not be compulsory. An invoice/receipt for payment shall be issued for each membership separately. Payment is due upon the effective date and must be paid within 30 days of the Due Date.

Terms of Membership
  • a) SNGEF respects the privacy of confidential and personal information and does not sell member’s information to any third party.
  • b) The SNGEF logo and work mark are proprietary.
  • c) List of members is a public document. The same is updated regularly.

Membership fees

The fees will be fixed in the following frame work of guidelines :-

Terms of Membership
  • 1) Membership Fees of member will be decided by the SNGEF Board
  • 2) Fees for Honorary Members will be decided by the SNGEF Board.
  • 3) A minimum Fees will be fixed ,but its upon the member what to Pay.
  • 4) Member can sponsor other people.

Membership Term

  • For Associate Members : The SNGEF Board, shall decide within thirty days from the date of submission of valid application, or any other extended time decided by the board. In renewal cases, the membership term will also be period of one year from due date of renewal, if renewal fees is paid within one month of the same becoming due.
  • For Honorary Members : The Membership Term will be flexible and will continue during the pleasure of Board.
  • Membership Application format :

    The membership application format is prescribed. For honorary members, a shorter form of application may be prescribed.

  • Availability of Membership Form :

    Membership forms are available online.

  • Submission of Membership Form :

    Membership form along with prescribed fees can be submitted online.

  • Payment of fees :

    Online using Debit or Credit Card.

Membership Card

Every applicant whose membership is duly approved will be given a membership certificate clearly mentioning the period of membership, within 30 days from the date of approval of membership. Membership card will be issued centrally by the Authorised person at Corporate Office.

Cancellation of membership

Decided by the Board of SNGEF