SN Networks

SN Business Network
Is a platform of industrialists, business persons, traders, bankers, technocrats and investors.
SN Cultural Network
Is a platform to highlight cultural diversity and art forms and to recognize and promote the artistic skills within the Community. People in the field of Yoga, Martial Arts, Dance, singer etc.
SN Professionals Network
Is a platform of professions within the community like Nurses, doctors, engineer’s accountants, Etc.

The objective of SNGEF is to trigger creation of surplus wealth in our community and make the society and the country prosperous, and for this, we need to leverage the power of networking.

And that is what we intend to do with this platform, to connect people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities.

Networking is an investment, whether one is into business or is a working professional.

SNGEF Network can help develop your knowledge, gain knowledge from the success of others, get new clients and tell others about your business and your skill sets.

Business networking is the most effective technique to find solutions to your business or professional problems, word-of-mouth recommendations, create referrals, and to build a sustainable and successful business.

We intend to keep the platform a two way street. This gives you an opportunity to share your expertise and skills with others and you get access to some of the best resources of your interest that can be explored when needed.

Last, but not least, this platform will help you build and develop your identity. The more you gain your identity, the more suggestions, references and supports you get from the community and beyond.

So, join us and accelerate whatever you always wanted to do in your life.

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